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So I pinned all my hopes on him. I began constantly strategiz- ing, trying to untangle the mixed signals he was send- ing.

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All that lovesick indig- nation bubbled to the sur- face My spite ballooned to the point that I created a fake Twit- ter account as a hot, ficti- tious hipster guy to flirt with myself in the hopes of mak- ing Eli jealous. It worked! Nearly every night, I strug- gled to sleep.

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My doctor wrote me a prescription for the anti- anxiety drug Ativan. She was right. I was a disas- ter; I felt nothing like myself. Every few weeks, I would oh-so-casually mention get- ting together IRL. But Eli was hesitant, and it took four months before I could finally convince him he had never met anyone from the internet before and said he was shy.

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Of course, I was freaked out too. The idea of our experiencing the drawn- out equivalent of an awk- ward internet date made my stomach lurch. Still, I pushed back the start date of a new job so we could rendezvous halfway between our cities. I booked separate hotel rooms, but we ended up sharing mine. When I saw him for the first time, my heart lilted toward my throat.

We roamed the city, ate doughnuts, played boy- friend-and-girlfriend. Still, it felt amaz- ing to be with him finally, but I knew the visit would be over in a blink. We did it again the next month. When the weekend was over, Eli kissed me passionately on the train platform, and then we each went home to our separate, single lives.

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About a week later, he started acting distant. Eli kept show- ing me that he did not feel the way I wanted him to feel about me. He had no interest in a real romantic relation- ship. But I was so sucked in, I refused to see the red flags. That kind of love. If a jerk is sexing up your REM sleep cycle, some more forward behavior from your man might do it for you in the sack.

To loosely guote LilJon,you may want a gentleman on the streets and a freak in the sheets. Have your BF channel his inner brute with a hot, rough sex session. A light spanking might banish those ex dreams nightmares? How can I shut it down? The quickest way to shut them up?

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And consider turning off the PhotoStreamfunctiononyouriPhone— it automatically backs up picstoiCloud that hackers could try to penetrate. As in, steal. Get your mind out of the gutter! How can I give him a quick iesson without bruising his ego? A When a man is tending to your deiicate flower, his ego can be a delicate flower too. Start with positive feedback, then segue to what you really want. Could you go a little harder? Feel free to swap harderior softer, faster, or slower.

Cat got your tongue? Reach down and gently adjust the position of his face or hand. J 0 pop in M onthe Q I masturbate a lot. Like, every day. Touching yourself is actually good for your health. It relieves tension and releases the same endorphins that flow post-workout.

Think of it as a hookup with someone fantastic. Oi I heard that breast implants leave your nipples desensitized. Is that true? In fact, hyper- sensitivity or heightened sensation is more common, he says— roughly 20 percent of women experience that, whereas about 5 percent of women lose tingles. Most experts agree that within six months, even those who experience issues regain feeling. Your lifelong goal of attaining nipplegasm is still a go!

We were at the Ivy in L. First of all, my sex life is awesome. And second of all, you hope my sex life is just as fulfilling? I hope your sex life is just as fulfilling two weeks from now. My adorable, slim fiance and I a confident size 18 to 22 are more than just sexually com- patible, obviously— we get along in pretty much every way possible, and being with him made me realize that settling for anything less than true, deep love is bullshit.

When I was younger, I thought being fat was the worst thing a person could be.

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I met him when I was about 40 pounds thinner, and as I gained weight ditch- ing the pills, getting more comfortable with myself , he never once judged me or made me feel anything less than brilliant and lovely. See, when I introduce him to people, I can almost feel their heads about to explode.

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Does not com- pute! Brain melting! Like, during tax time? Now someone give that girl a slice of pie before she passes out. I know- mind-blowing.

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With the added bonus that our entire bodies feel like boobs! Some of us are basically fatter ver- sions of Samantha from Sex and the City, dangling from sex swings while banging an entire investment firm worth of fellas, and some of us have sex only under sheets on leap years while using seven condoms. But most of us, like most non-fat women, fall somewhere in between.

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We enjoy sex, rela- tionships, being in love and partnering with some- one who makes us feel like a million bucks, in and out of the sack. But espe- cially in the sack, because sex is so damn good. As for the actual mechanics of sex: Yes, fat women can be on top without crushing our part- ners. Sex— strike that, good sex— is always dependent on great communication between partners and figuring out your likes and dislikes.

Is your partner fat? Well, that might mean certain positions are off-limits. And it also means that certain positions are extra exciting! Point being. I just need you to get out of my way so I can go hang out with my hot fiance and have more amazing sex.. I work full-time, but he got kicked out of college and is now sitting on his ass.

Should I consult him before I make any drastic hair decisions? Just consider the source. Have you seen our terrible goatees? Our trendy caveman beards? Above all, go for the haircut that makes you happy. The best, most badass thing you can do is to keep it simple.

If you end up meeting for drinks, you can dazzle him with your inherent coolness then.