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Of course, many people believe to some degree in their horoscopes.

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But my belief goes further than that, and has seen me flying across the world in pursuit of the perfect 'solar return'. This is a powerful - but little known - astrological idea that claims that where you are on your birthday determines your fate for the 12 months that follow. Once a year, on your birthday, the Sun - which is the most important element in an astrological chart in determining your fate - is in the same position in the sky that it was when you were born.

Some astrologers believe that travelling on this date to a position on the earth which allows the angles of planets and the Sun to line up in an auspicious manner, gives good fortune and prosperity for the next 12 months. For perfect results, you need to be there for 12 noon exactly - the time when the Sun reaches its zenith in the sky. If you like, it's a kind of astrological rebirth - reconnecting you to the cosmic forces that have guided you since you entered the world.

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Of course, it's hopelessly complicated to work out, so you have to visit a professional astrologer to have your birth-chart drawn every year to work out where you need to go. As a result, I've spent my birthday in San Francisco, Honolulu, Germany, Jamaica, Russia and Somerset, all in the interests of insuring that my horoscope is one which tilts the forces of destiny in my favour. And yes, I think it works.

Years in which I've stuck exactly to where I was supposed to be have seen me enjoy excellent finances, good health and flirtations with handsome men. Conversely, missing a solar return can have devastating consequences. My worst moment was As we flew over Sweden at exactly midday, I had to face facts.

And yes, the subsequent year didn't evolve for me felicitously. Sound batty?

Diana, Freedom and Independence

Well, I am not alone in my faith in the stars. The Conservative MP for Bosworth, David Tredinnick, a member of the Parliamentary science and technology committee no less, is a firm believer, who recently declared that we should all use astrology to diagnose health issues. So what is in store for this coming year? Well, the astrological calculations have been done and the verdict is in. If I spend my next birthday in New York, with Jupiter, the Sun and the Moon in the 7th House, I am told there will be major developments on the relationship front.


And then, in , I can look forward to marriage and happy ever after…. Do I honestly believe this? My head tells me no, it's all highly unlikely at this stage in my life. But my heart says yes - and so I dismiss my doubts yet again, and I book that flight for September.

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  • Astrological idea claims where you are determines your fate for the year.
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  • At the very least I shall celebrate with a cocktail at the New York Plaza. And if it works out, well, it was all in the stars. Want lucky stars? Fly to Honolulu on your birthday: Astrological idea claims where you are determines your fate for the year Wendy Leigh h as an unshakeable, strong and deep belief in astrology Goes further than horoscopes; she pursues the perfect 'solar return' Idea is: 'Where you are on your birthday determines your fate for the year' Has spent birthdays in San Francisco, Honolulu, Germany and Jamaica By Wendy Leigh for the Daily Mail Published: BST, 2 August Updated: BST, 3 August e-mail 59 shares.

    Diana, Freedom and Independence

    Share this article Share. Keep in mind, Tinder users aren't necessarily all proudly announcing their star signs to potential matches, this is data Tinder has collected from users' birth dates. There are two separate lists for male and female Tinder users -- and the results are pretty varied across the board:.

    'The Bachelorette 12222': Jess Sends Twitter Into Meltdown

    The sign of the zodiac that exudes the strongest whiffs of BDE , Scorpios are known for their magnetism, intensity, sensuality and mystery -- the perfect blend of catnip for potential matches to right-swipe. Leos are all about putting their best foot or mane forward. They're dramatic, flamboyant and will definitely get your attention on a dating app with a carefully thought out outfit, hairstyle, and pose in their profile pics.

    Get more bang for your buck, Cancer

    Taureans are attractive potential mates because they're supposed to be grounded, earth sign, duh known as luxury-loving homebodies who will lavish their partners with thoughtful, not at all smothering, amounts of attention. When we think Cancer, we think Ariana Grande. Sweethearts who wear their emotions very much on their sleeves and will dedicate themselves very wholly to nurturing their partners.

    It's perhaps a vibe that could come through quite strongly on Tinder for anyone looking for a partner who will take care of them. Famous celeb Cancers besides Ari?

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    Capricorns didn't do well in either list but this is presumably because there aren't many of them on Tinder. They're out getting exactly what they want IRL because they're the most ambitious, goal-oriented sign of the zodiac that wouldn't muck around with dating apps, a waste of their precious time. Another sign that's sitting either in the middle of the pack or right at the end, Geminis are playfully known as one of the psychopaths of the zodiac.

    They're either being avoided like the plague on dating apps, lying about their real star signs or just busy doing something better than swiping away on Tinder like reading an encyclopedia.